Geelong Marine Services offers a full range of independent surveying and stevedoring services to the Shipping Industry on a range of different products, including Woodchips, Fertilizers, Gypsum, Grain, Steel and Calcite. We offer draft surveys, hold inspection surveys, container inspections, on-off hire and bunker surveys. We also offer services to P&I Clubs, providing investigation into damage and loss on all types of vessels including tankers.

Services we offer:

  • Steel: pre-load, in-stow and Outturn inspections, including damage reporting.
  • Grain: we are accredited to carry out hold inspections for fitness to load Grain / Rice at berth and at anchor and are approved by DAFF. We can also offer grain sampling and analysis to customer specifications and water tightness surveys (hose tests), as well as hatch sealing.
  • Quantity Measurement by Draft Survey: initial and final draft surveys for quantity measurement and intermediate surveys as required on all products.
  • P & I Club surveys: investigation into loss and/or damage on all types of vessels, including general cargo, container and bulk vessels, as well as oil/chemical tankers.
  • On / Off hire condition and bunker surveys on all types of vessels.
  • Stevedoring: We offer stevedoring services, currently including Grain, Calcite, Gypsum and Wood chips.


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